Tractor technology for NBC News by Andrew Dickinson

I've had a string of assignments this year from NBC News, and it's been a fun opportunity to get better at doing everything myself - video, audio, pictures - and not having a panic attack. This one took me to Solomon, Kansas, and Neligh (Brunswick and Tilden), Nebraska.

Traveling to and from and on shoots in rural Nebraska in my '98 hatchback Civic can be interesting. My car got stuck on a road that wasn't really even a road, and later I almost hit a dog while trying to follow Doug who was blasting 65 mph down a dirt road in a semi full of soybeans. Before I left we got the netting unhooked from the frame under my car, that had been dragging along for who-knows how long.

Below you'll find some images and the video NBC put together from two days learning about the how the Digital Millennium Copyright Act affects farmers.